Your Car is a Reflection of Yourself

We are dedicated to giving you the most professional, pleasant and convenient experience when having your car detailed, ensuring that you won’t look any further for you car care needs.

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Whether you have a small car to a large SUV or truck, if you just need a quick touch up or full detail, we have a package for you incuding tailored packages upon request.


With our years of proven experience, we offer the best service and solution for your vehicle's needs, inside and out. No matter how large or small to job, you can trust your vehicle in our hands.


Enjoy the renewed experience of driving your vehicle after we've done our magic! We're positive you'll have a bright smile on your face just like how the sun shines brightly off your vehicle.


We realize every owner and vehicle is different. We offer a variety of options for your vehicle and needs.

Oxidation Removal

The sun and it's harmful radiation can cause unsightly blemishes. Show us the problems areas on your vehicle.

Headlight Restoration

Modern day plastic headlights can fade over time. We can restore them to like new condition.

Water Spot Removal

Let us remove those unsighty waterspots left behind from the contaminants found in water.

Odor Removal

We can do our magic to remove those nasty odors from your vehicle.

Pet Hair Removal

No task is too big for us including pet hair removal.

Extra Cleaning

We understand that sometimes your car might need just a little extra deep cleaning.

Full Detail Pricing

We have a package for every vehicle, small or large, personal or commercial including boats and trailers. Just ask if you if you have a questions!


  • Small $180-$220 (Mazda Miata)
  • Medium $200-$240 (Nissan Sentra)
  • Large $210-$250 (Ford Crown Victoria)

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  • Small $250-$300 (Subaru Wagon)
  • Medium $270-$320 (Ford Explorer)
  • Large $299-$360 (Chevrolet Suburban)

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Our full detail service also includes the following:

Engine Compartment

Gas Filler Door



Exhaust Tips

Road Tar

Wax Residue

Exterior Plastics

Windows & Edges

Customized Pricing

We also provide vehicle detailing to fit your exact needs!


  • $ 200-$260/Full Detail
  • Inside Only $155-$200
  • Outside Only $140-$200
  • Engine Bay $45
  • Trunk $60

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  • $ 250-$300/Full Detail
  • Inside Only $160-210
  • Outside Only $180-$250
  • Engine Bay $45
  • Trunk $60

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  • $ 299-$360/Full Detail
  • Inside Only $180-$250
  • Inside Only $200-$280
  • Engine Bay $45
  • Trunk $60

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  • $ 220-$280/Full Detail
  • Inside Only $160-$200
  • Outside Only $180-$300
  • Engine Bay $45
  • Trunk $60

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  • $ 280-$310/Full Detail
  • Inside Only $170-$220
  • Outside Only $180-$320
  • Engine Bay $45
  • Trunk $60

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  • $ 350-$420/Full Detail
  • Inside Only $180-$250
  • Outside Only $200-$400
  • Engine Bay $55
  • Trunk $60

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  • Small $ 350+/Full Detail
  • Medium $ 550+/Full Detail
  • Large $ 750+/Full Detail

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  • $ 100/Wash & Wax

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  • $ 800-990/Full Detail
  • Inside Only $290-$480
  • Outside Only $480-$700
  • Engine Bay $45

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  • Small $ 290
  • Medium $ 320
  • Large $ 400
  • * 5 Year Warranty

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OUR team





Our Customers

Here are some of our excited customers and what they have to say about their experience with us!

Neill D.

This is a nice family operated business. They are very kind and have great customer service. Most importantly, they do an incredible job of restoring my truck to like-new condition. It's always so amazing to realize how nice it is when they get it perfect!

Melissa M.

The best place for auto detailing in town. They made my car look brand new and it has 130K miles on it!

Victor V.

Like a well running machine, this awesome group is the ticket for getting your machine looking good!

Einmal B.

These folks did an excellent job. My vehicle was finished well ahead of the time I expected and it looked amazing. I would recommend these people to anybody. I will be using them for all of my detailing needs. The vehicle looked like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

Ann G.

Master Auto Detail ("MAD") came to my rescue today! Pulled my large Sequoia up and showed the owner that the interior was covered with dirt after having taken a tour on an unpaved country road with the windows rolled down. What a hot mess! Dirt was EVERYWHERE! MAD started work on my car PRONTO and got it all cleaned out by using the air compressor hose and lots of water & towels. After the exterior got a bath, too, I felt like I had a brand new SUV! Highly recommend this establishment; owner & employees could not have been nicer, professional, and sympathetic to my situation.

Richard J.

They took me in right away for a detailing package. There aren't all sorts of detailing packages, as at other places, just $160 for a detailing and an extra $20 if it's extra dirty. They stay open until 7, so they had time to detail and let the carpets dry. A great job, with the motor block cleaned and even the spare tire area, and asked if I wanted a scent bar before putting one in. They even gave me free rubber cargo mats. They're also within walking distance to Sunnyland, where I live, so I didn't have to ask for a ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers! Here are a few of the common ones we get asked.

What products do you use?

At Master Auto Detail we pride ourselves in treating our customers vehicles with high quality products and equipment. These are carefully selected professional grade products and cleaners. Additionally, we are an eco-friendly company and upon request we can provide you our product details as well as any and all relevant Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Will you be able to remove scratches from my car? What about that hazy/swirly look?

We can remove certain scratches from the exterior clear coat of a car. The rule of thumb is the scratch must be on the surface of the clear coat paint. If you can feel it with your fingernail the scratch is too deep to be removed. However, if you cannot feel the scratch with your fingernail there is a possibility the scratch can be removed. If your car has swirls or a dull look to it, we can restore the showroom shine to your paintwork for you.

How long does a wax and sealant job last?

A wax treatment typically last up to six months (compared to low end products that our competitors use that only last 1-2 months). Our paint sealant lasts approximately six to nine months. Our wax and sealant last longer because of the high grade products that we use. However, the duration of protection is dependent on the behavior of the customer, for example, the more automatic car washes you use, the faster the protection time is depleted. Conversely the more you protect your car from the elements the longer the protection time is extended.

What category does my car fall into?

Here are a few examples of each category:

Sedan – Most 2 door coupes, Mini-Cooper, Small Toyotas like Corolla's, two door sports cars like Camaros, most 4 door family saloons, BMW 5-Series, Mercedes E-Class

SUV – small crossovers, BMW X-1, Mercedes GLA, fall into the medium depending on make and model, Bentleys, Audi A8, Small 4×4–Jeep, X3, X5, and Landrovers, Merc R-Class, Audi Q7

Truck – trucks like Tacomas and base model F-150s, Large trucks like F-250's, F-350's, Chevrolet Express and Cargo Vans.

Headlight Restoration Service

Our expert headlight lens restoration service will bring your headlights back to like new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing the lens.

Professional Exterior Restoration

Our team takes great pride in taking vehicles in any condition and restoring them back to their original luster. Let us remove those minor scuffs, scratches and blemishes.

Professional Interior Detailing

Professional interior auto detailing on a regular basis protects the interior of your car and keeps it looking newer for longer. Restore the new car condition and smell.